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Saturday, August 22, 2009

September Invades August

No, you didn’t miss the fly-in at Woolsey Airport. That event was postponed until tomorrow (Sunday) morning, when the weather is expected to be much kinder to pancakes and spectators of small planes. Breakfast service begins at 8 a.m. Come late, and you'll have to wait in line, but that's not so bad, because you'll be watching small planes coming in for a landing and listening to the band play.

It’s been cool and rainy for a few days now, with an autumn feeling in the air, but, since I associate September with vacation, such weather has me sighing with happy anticipation. Also, I’ve been working on details for the Fall Festival planned for October 17 in Northport, the centerpiece of which will be—at least, as far as I’m concerned--a horse-drawn wagonette. (I believe that’s what the vehicle is called: it holds 8-10 people, depending on their sizes.) To ride around the village at a slow clip-clop sounds like heaven to me, and I hope other people agree. We could have used a tractor, but what’s a festival without horses? More details will be unfolded as we get them together. Maybe we can find something else for those tractors to do....


Gerry said...

John and Betsy King use a tractor as a lawn ornament at their M-88 fruit market.

I'm thinking Torch Lake Township needs to have something with horses, too. Miss Sadie and the Cowboy are uncertain.

P. J. Grath said...

I'd like to get together something of a harvest display, and a tractor or two would add a nice touch there.