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Monday, August 3, 2009

Two Small Treasures

[This post was written in the autumn atmosphere of the a.m. hours. This gull was imitating a duck. It looked like a day of rain ahead. Now the sun is out, and it's summer again. Michigan!]

Not all treasures are expensive, and two recent additions to the Dog Ears Books new book stock illustrate this truth. One is The Anatomy of a Shipwreck: Before, During and After Disasters on the Great Lakes ($7.50), by Claudia D. Goudschaal, 27 pages (with illustrations) offering historical perspective on what caused boats to go down on the lakes, along with what happened during and after the sinking. This gem is but a preview of Claudia’s upcoming book on Leelanau sailing ships. William Van Appledorn of Holland, Michigan, brings a different perspective to Michigan history with Chief Waukazoo: From Roots to Wing (64pp., $9.00). Yes, Waukazoo, as in Waukazoo Street, the original and the current home of Dog Ears Books! Those of us in Northport have heard many times the story of Chief Peter Waukazoo and Reverend George Smith coming here in 1849; now Van Appledorn provides background to the familiar story.

A rainy day like today is perfect for diving back to another era (and, at the same time, making connections to the present). Wing Street in Northport? Great Lakes “fender benders”? Explore and discover today!

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