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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Failed Ambush

Our grandson David from Kalamazoo comes up every year about this time with his buddy, also named David. “The Daves,” we call them. They like to arrive at the farm under cover of darkness, set up their camper van and go to sleep without announcing their presence, and for several years our yard was so full of cars and trucks and vans that it was easy for us to leave for Northport the next morning without noticing the extra vehicle. Later the Daves would saunter casually into bookstore or gallery to astound us with their presence, very entertained at having put one past us once again. Now, however, we start looking for them about this time of year, and my David has been clearing our life of redundant vehicles, too, so this year we were able to spot the presence of the Daves in our yard—Tommy came along this year, too—and be ready for them in town. On their way to the Soo, they had time to cruise the bookstore (mystery, botany and economics were the subjects of choice) and to take in Greg Garman’s show of bird paintings and carvings down in Leland with David Grath as their tour guide.

Then they were back on the road, bearing north. Happy travels, guys! Come again soon! Stay longer!

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