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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bookseller's Country Weekend

Saturday’s book signing came off splendidly! Good crowds, good sales, lots of happy faces. Here’s a picture of Hillary Porter greeting members of her admiring public.

Then that evening it rained, and how lovely to be at home with raindrops pattering on the metal roof of the porch, reflecting with satisfaction that I wouldn’t have to water the garden with a hose that night. This morning, across the hills to the west of St. Wenceslaus (rectory at right), Lake Michigan was startlingly blue, and wildflowers along the roads were blooming their heads off. Coreopsis always reminds me of an old friend, gone now, and his annual “Longest Day” party out at Cherry Home: every year as we drove out north of town to thirty, Porsche-yellow coreopsis would be rioting along the roadside. But the snow-white daisies, stained-glass blue of spiderwort and innocent pale pink roses also deserve attention.

Today’s was a morning of magic and bliss, rain-scoured skies and refreshing breezes.

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