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Friday, June 19, 2009

All Manner of Goings-On

It was the day of the Farm Market down by the harbor parking lot. Woodruff Palmer, artist and owner of the Painted Horse Gallery, came in to sign his new paintings, and his wife, Bonnie Marris, brought “Baby” Shane, Sarah’s new puppy friend, for a visit. Dusty (the collie) came, too, of course.

Besides dogs, more new books arrived today and yesterday at Dog Ears: Jim Harrison’s new book of poetry, In Search of Small Gods; Planet Backpacker: Across Europe on a Mountain Bike & Backpacking on Through Egypt, India & Southeast, by Robert Downes of Traverse City; Insects of the Great Lakes Region; and, in keeping with expansion of the homesteading section, Backyard Poultry Keeping. A new book on raising goats will be coming soon.

Tomorrow, the Lighthouse and Maritime Festival and Fish Boil! All here in Northport!


dmarks said...

I think backyard poultry is a good idea, and that city governments should not block it.

Gerry said...

Backyard chickens were common even in cities at the beginning of the last century. Attorney Dan Cassidy, who was 96 when I met him, told of taking the streetcar to his appointments in the old Delray neighborhood of Detroit, often as not bringing home his fee in eggs and chickens in hard times.

Whoa, Baby Shane is some puppy.

P. J. Grath said...

Down the hill from my old house in Kalamazoo there was an old farmhouse. The woman there had always had chickens and still did. Then for a while in Leland, there was a rooster across the street from our house. It laid no eggs, and I guess some of the neighbors weren't thrilled, but to me it was a wonderful way to begin the day, hearing the rooster crow.

Doesn't Shane have a somewhat wolfy look? Sarah loves to play with him and is very gentle as they roll around like two little cubs.