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Friday, May 15, 2009

Today and Coming Soon

It’s starting to feel like—the Season!—but there’s still time to take in deep draughts of fresh, cool, sweet-smelling air and panoramic sights of spring wildflowers.

Sarah and I encountered quite a breeze this morning at Peterson Park, where I introduced her to the rock-strewn beach for the first time, but both of us found our mini-vacation exciting and invigorating.

Here is a partial list (my usual caveat) of scheduled local events this month:

Evening performances of Anne-Marie Oomen’s new play, “Whaddya Give?” will take place tonight, Saturday night and Sunday afternoon at the Old Art Building in Leland. “Whaddya Give?” is an original musical based on a memorable local auction. Think you’ve got too much “stuff”? Come laugh at yourself! Tickets for evening performances are $15. Sunday’s matinee, which includes a reception, is $25 a person.

Tomorrow is the second annual Blossom Tour, beginning with a blessing of the blossoms at 9:30 at the Eagles Ridge Conference Center in Peshawbestown. The first orchard tour buses will leave at 10 a.m., and tours will continue until 2 p.m. If you’re far from Leelanau and can’t make it up on Saturday, never fear—there are plenty of cherry blossoms yet to come, and apple blossoms after that.

This coming Wednesday evening, May 20, is the date set for the second Northport-Omena Summit. There’s a lot going on in Leelanau Township these days. The program that will bring you up to date starts at 7 p.m. at the NCAC.

Cherry Scott is behind this next item, which won’t surprise anyone who knows her. The first Blessing of the Pets will take place in Northport on Saturday, May 23, at 11 a.m. at the Northport Village Office, 116 W. Nagonaba (outside, I presume!), Rev. Karen Schulte officiating.

Saturday the 23rd is also the day for the annual “Cars in the Park” show in Northport’s Haserot Park, down by the marina. Come see cars and meet friends at the show from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

I’m sure no one will forget the morning Memorial Day service on May 25 out at the cemetery north of town.

Then the next weekend, on Friday, May 29, beginning at 5 p.m., is a reception at the Old Art Building in Leland for the annual show by the “Leelanau Artists” group. These people have been painting together once a week for a long time and have gotten better and better over the years. (Dedication and experience pay off again.) The exhibit will continue through May 31.

Finally, Saturday, May 30, is the date for the first-ever “Golf the Point for the Promise” tournament. The $100 entry fee each golfer pays for this opportunity to golf the “exclusive private Northport Point Club” (I’m quoting from a publicity poster) will go for scholarships to be awarded to graduates of Northport High School. Go, Wildcats!

Spellbound last night by Doug Stanton’s book, I surprised myself this morning by writing 500 words of a new short story before Sarah and I went outdoors. (Todd, Trudy and Marilyn: A little something happens in this one, you’ll be relieved to hear.) Now the sun is shining. Rain later? Life is still good.


Gerry said...

(1) Wuff - I thought MY beach was rocky! Nice walk, though.
(2) I was right about one thing. Leelanau has more fun than Antrim. I intend to make some fun over here.
(3) Isn't it wonderful that Horse Soldiers will be on the NYT Book Review cover? Perhaps we should have a Sunday NYT read-in in honor of Doug.

P. J. Grath said...

Peterson Park isn't a good beach for swimming or lying in the sun, but it's a great beach for rock-picking. I thought the Petoskey stone I found this morning was a perfect specimen.

Doug Stanton and his wife, Anne Stanton, are both phenomenal writers, and we're lucky to have them in the area. I may even splurge on the NYT this week!