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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Another Week in May

Leelanau Township cherry orchards are slowly coming into bloom. Most, in fact, are only beginning: this shot is another from those old, gnarly, early-blossoming trees that unfurled for my camera last week. I believe the last of the snow is gone. At least, the patches I’ve been watching have disappeared. Anyone else know where winter is yet lingering?

Yesterday morning early I finished the last pages of The Gift of Rain, and before bedtime I had read all of Michael J. Fox’s memoir, Lucky Man. Today one of my nephews, at my request, e-mailed me a recent philosophy paper he wrote on nihilism. I don’t think he’s falling for it. Myself, I have never been less tempted. Too many beautiful people, dogs, trees, flowers, books, etc., etc.

All day today, comings and goings next door! Concrete dry, tables in place—will a garden suddenly appear? a picket fence? Maybe tomorrow. Tomorrow from 5-8 p.m. is the open house for the new BBQ establishment, and Saturday the place will be officially open for the season. Another leap forward in the Waukazoo Revival! Woody Palmer, Painted Horse Gallery owner, is so impressed by all the activity in town that he's thinking of having the gallery open for Memorial Day weekend.

Life is good in Leelanau today.

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