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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

BBQ Report

The sun did not come out, but the crowds did, and the raves were unanimous. "I'm a convert!" one man was overheard to say. Many thumbs-up signs were given by those who didn't want to talk with their mouths full.

Reminder: It's "Drive-Thru" in name only! You have to walk in!
Correction from my post earlier today: The first business day is this Friday, and from then on through the season the Drive-Thru BBQ will be open seven days a week.

Here are the guys to thank:

Grill-master George Twine--

and owner Bruce Viger--

Give them a hand for this new success, and come often to enjoy their offerings! I'm not sure of the street address, but the BBQ is just south of Dog Ears Books and the Painted Horse Gallery, and we're at 106 Waukazoo.

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