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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Big Day in Northport Coming Saturday

It’s hollyhock time all over the North. Here are some in front of Dolls and More, and in my mind I’m picturing them in the alleys of Grand Marais, too, up on the shore of Lake Superior. From the title of my last post, you may correctly infer that the big action was somewhere other than Northport recently. (See Throwaway Blog for the dmarks account of the TC film festival, already rivaling Cherry Festival as an Up North draw.) But things are about to change, and the center of the universe is about to shift, because this coming Saturday is an all-Northport headliner day:

(1) We’ll have the 14th annual DOG PARADE, starting at 1 p.m., this year held in memory of the late, great Cydnee. This year’s theme (plan costumes accordingly) is “Indiana Bones and the Raiders of the Lost Bark," and you can register early at Dog Ears Books or at the Northport Bay Dog and Cat Company. I registered my first entry yesterday. (2) There will be the Leelanau Peninsula WINE FESTIVAL in Haserot Park, down by the harbor, always a beautiful venue for that fine event. (3) The NAHA (Northport Area Heritage Association) Garage MARKET FLEA Sale will be happening at the depot, near the marina park. (4) And last but not least, for all you fishermen, do not forget the SALMON SLAM! I love that name! (See the Northport Omena Chamber of Commerce Site for information about the Salmon Slam fishing derby.) Everyone in the family can find fun on this event list, no matter where you’re from.

But dogs, wine, fleas and fish won’t be the only things going on. As always, there will be art and books in Northport. More copies of LAKE EFFECT should arrive any day now, if you missed it the first time around, as well as other books I've mentioned recently. And you never know what gorgeous boats you may see in our beautiful harbor.

Reminder: driver safety is of utmost importance, especially now at harvest time, with farm machinery and big trucks transporting cherries around every curve. My friend Chris said the crew he's part of shook cherries for 11 hours the other day. These guys are working hard. If you're on vacation, slow down and be patient, please.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I did read Chabon's book! It was also one of my very favorite reads . . . stayed up way too late several nights with that one. Regarding THE BOOK THIEF, I find the best YA books are the ones that can be enjoyed as much by "full-fledged" adults. The line is often a fine one between the two. mkk

BYW, I'm new at interacting with blogs and I'm not clear whether to answer on the original date or at your most current entry. So, I'm putting it in both places. Maybe you can straighten me out on that point?

Anonymous said...

Cydnee is gone? Isn't that David's (Old Mill Pond) beloved dog? If so, it's another example of the unsurprising bringing a sudden halt, and silence.

We stayed at the Old Mill Pond for the first several years we came to Northport, and found Cydnee one of the Inn's delightfully idiosyncratic elements.

By the way, Pamela, reading your blog is consolation in this summer that keeps us in Chicago.

P. J. Grath said...

Welcome to Books in Northport and to Dog Ears Books, and thanks for your comment. Either way, original or current post, is fine for leaving comments.

I completely agtree with you that the best YA books are good reading for adults, also. Even the best children's books, yes? I am certainly not going to deny myself the pleasure, that's for sure.

P. J. Grath said...

Hi, Mark. Good to hear from you. Is Chicago windy these days or just plain hot? Wish you were here!

Yes, Cydnee was the mascot at the Old Mill Pond Inn and for the Northport Dog Parade for many years. It was very hard for David C. to lose him, but he wants the dog parade on Saturday to be as full of fun as always, in celebration of Cydnee's life.

I hope to get at least one decent picture on Saturday to share with the world, but the challenge will be taking photographs while keeping Sarah from running away with the circus!