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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Summer, While It Lasts

The horizon must have been ringing like a bell from the riotous living at our house recently! Our younger grandsons have been in Leelanau this week, and last night a former VERY good buddy of the six-year-old grandson was on hand, along with his mom and dad, Charlie and Barb, publishers of EDIBLE GRANDE TRAVERSE, making for a combination best-friends reunion and adult food-talk fest. Grownups enjoyed different varieties of Leelanau wines throughout the evening, while children glugged down apple juice. Burgers and fresh sweet corn and green salad, following cheese and smoked fish, filled everyone up so that only small pieces of blueberry pie and apricot-cherry upside-down cake were requested, and only Spencer and his dad asked for and finished their Moomer's Mr. Monkey Tail ice cream (banana flavor with chocolate and peanuts, and isn’t the name wonderful?). When parents sent boys out to yell in the meadow (rather than directly into our ears), Sarah was more than happy to romp along with them.

With all the company fun, along with usual bookstore hours (Bruce took the whole day for me on Monday so I could stay home and pit cherries), I can hardly believe I’ve been getting some reading done, too, but THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO has been holding me spellbound. One night, holding the paperback ARC over my head in bed, I fell asleep and dropped it on my face half a dozen times before finally giving up for the night. Nearing the end now, I’ll write about it before another full week goes by—but probably not sooner, as my sister and husband arrive tomorrow. Leelanau summer is winding up with a loud hurrah!


Anonymous said...

Lovely description of our wonderful evening together. Thanks for everything. We had so much fun!

P. J. Grath said...

Description? Only the sketchiest of triggers for memory (for us) or hints of happening (for others). We were and still are thrilled that your week and my sister's weekend worked out so well in every aspect. Maybe next time you-all come, though, Jack and Ellis should get a day at the beach together before the picnic dinner.

Glad to hear school is off to a good start for Jack and Spencer. We miss you all already!