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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Reprieve, Probably

Some news is so sad that it’s hard to share. That’s why I held back some of my pictures from the dog parade, the ones of the colorful float with the very sad sign announcing that this, the 14th, would be the LAST Northport Dog Parade! After a heart-to-heart talk with the organizer, David Chrobak, I was hopeful. Today, in the Leelanau Enterprise, came a letter from David saying that, if all the people who have volunteered to help actually step up to the plate, the dog parade WILL go on again next year. David needs people to carry banners and balloons between groups of dogs, both to add color to the parade and to keep the dogs from bunching up into one big, too-fast-paced, unruly pack, racing for the finish. Call or write or e-mail David at the Old Mill Pond Inn to volunteer your services. Keep Northport on the map!

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