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Monday, March 24, 2008

Guest Book Review: THE ZOO SAVERS

THE ZOO SAVERS, by John Todd, reviewed by Spencer Willits, age 9

Eddie was always interested in animals so he started the Zoofers Club. Soon he finds that three macaws are missing. The only clue the Zoofers have is some fishing line used to net up the cage. It's up to the Zoofers to find and nab the thieves. But can these kids handle it?

I thought THE ZOO SAVERS was a great mystery book and I always wanted to read "Just one more page!" It always kept me wondering what would happen next.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Spencer. It's hard to know exactly what might appeal to someone who's nine when you're quite a bit older than nine. Imagine that you want to choose a book that your grandmother will like and you'll see the problem! I'm glad to have your recommendation for a real page-turner.

Deborah said...

I'm interested in reading the book after reading your review Spencer. Were the three maccaw's found and were they ok? Were they brought home safely? Thanks for reviewing what seems to be a very interesting book.