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Sunday, June 2, 2019

Are You Tired of It Yet?

Are you tired of spring? Impatient for summer's heat? Do blooming cherry trees begin to bore you. Is your eye satiated with the leafing-out of fresh green everywhere? Impossible!

Unlike the white settled blanket of winter or the satiety of full-blown late summer’s dark green, Michigan shoulder seasons, spring and fall, change their appearance almost from hour to hour. Look closely at an open cherry blossom and notice a tiny brown edge. More obvious is the dandelion’s decline from bright yellow flowers to globes of ghostly seeds. 

Every footstep of every road’s vista is unique. Do you prefer the long view or the intimate perspective? To be lost at child’s-eye level among tree trunks or to soar overhead like a bird?

My advice is not to miss any of it. Take every possible opportunity to look about you. Take, take, take your time, but don’t take it for granted!


Dawn said...

I have only been there once when the cherry trees were in bloom. It was glorious. Always there ends up something that prohibits me from getting there, but at least I get to visit via your blog and photos! Thank you!

P. J. Grath said...

Dawn, people always want to know when the orchards will be blooming, but of course the timing varies from year to year. My parents made it up for one blossom time, my son and his wife for another. Central and southern Michigan have the lovely dogwood trees that I miss up here in the spring and golden fields of soybeans in the fall. Michigan is just a beautiful state, as I know you agree!