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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Look Back to May 2009

Connie and Ed and their book

Today's post is an excerpt from a few years back, in memory of dear friend Connie Arnfield, whose funeral will be tomorrow, Friday, May 6, at 11 o'clock. The bookstore will not be open until I return from the funeral.

Late in the afternoon [of May 4, 2009]came our long-anticipated, two-hour reception for Ed and Connie Arnfield, whose book, Roadside Guide to Michigan Plants, Trees and Flowers: An Ecological Approach, was published this spring by Arbutus Press. For most of the evening, I could hardly catch a glimpse of Ed and Connie: the crowd between us (having them sign books and paying me for books) was that thick! (We estimated later that at least 200 people must have turned out.) Gerry Sell came all the way over from Torch Lake (you get the distance prize, Gerry, but why don’t I have a picture of you?), and ecology essayist Stephanie Mills was on hand, too, to meet the Arnfields and compliment them on their book.

For more party pictures and an unbiased report from an out-of-towner, head over to Torch Lake Views and see Gerry's post. All in all, it was the perfect opening for the 2009 season. We were all exhausted afterwards—but in a very, very good way.


Gerry said...

You don't have a picture of me because I was running around with a camera pasted to my face. I had a wonderful time that day, and used Connie and Ed's book to good advantage on my drive back to Antrim County. I was sorry to hear of Connie's death. She left a fine legacy.

P. J. Grath said...

I will pass that along to Ed, Gerry. He will appreciate hearing it. I do, too.