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Thursday, August 15, 2013

August Is Slip-Sliding Away

The Fox Islands -- Leelanau Township offshore
The skies and lakes are blue, the leaves are mostly still green, but it is not mere imagination that sees the first hints of fall color in a few branches of maple or in a roadside ash seedling or wild cherry tree. Summer is a busy time, passing in a blur of color and activity, the cycle of seasons spinning ever faster each year, and so it becomes more important each year to take time for the occasional evening in a colorful crowd -- or in the serene countryside.

Late afternoon sun made colors POP!
Running into an old friend I hadn't seen for years made going to the Northwest Michigan Fair completely worthwhile, and after a big Polish sausage on homemade bun piled high with sauerkraut, David and I made our way to the animal barns, always our prime focus at the fair. 

Freshly bathed
Hungry baby
Suspicious mom
Doe-eyed calf

Good thing Sarah stayed home
Didn't take any photographs of pigs or goats or sheep or chickens but toured through every animal barn before we strolled the colorful lighted midway for a few last shots before the drive home in the dark. Next time we go to the fair, we will try to go on horse-pulling night rather than on the evening of the tractor-pulling event. Noise and black smoke! How do the animals stand it? We were worn out by the time we got home to our quiet farmhouse but glad we went, after missing the fair for several years. 

Sunday evening was a quieter outing, though it also included livestock. In my opinion, any evening is better with livestock.


Dawn said...

So glad you got to go to the fair. Love those evening shots. Love the animals too. We too went through every animal barn at our county fair. A sure sign of summer for us. There's leaves turning down here already. I have to get the camera out before summer slips away.

P. J. Grath said...

Turning leaves! How is it possible? We were happy to see all the horses and cattle ... would have liked more draft horses ... thought there were more than enough pigs ... I'd have liked more breeds of poultry but was impressed by those I saw. Nothing like the fair, is there?

P. J. Grath said...

Aren't horses always? Cool, that is. But I love the sight and smell of cattle, too.

Karen (Back Road Journal) said...

There is something about a country fair, the exhibitions, the blue ribbons, the lovingly cared for is always an enjoyable day.