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Monday, August 19, 2013

In and Around Northport, Tool-Using Animals at Work

Goldenrod tells the story: summer is making the annual segue into fall. Work tempo, however, is still going strong, as these Monday morning sights around the village should make clear. First, out on the north side of town the new 9-hole golf course takes more and more definite shape.

At the same time, down between the post office and marina, in front of the bank and kitty-corner, two different projects were underway this morning. As for what's happening in front of the bank, we'll probably find out pretty soon.

Latest word on the depot is that the old building will house a wine and gift shop when renovation is complete. New owners have kept the basic configuration of most of the space and will utilize the old signs, too. History is being respected.

Heavy machinery has been at work on Waukazoo Street, also, where the "boutique" bowling alley is under construction. 

All of these are big changes in the Northport landscape. One more I've saved for last, as it hasn't been raising as much dust, is the brew pub at the T where Waukazoo runs into Nagonaba. That's still moving forward, but purveyors of T-shirts on the day of the dog parade tell me the opening is not expected until May of 2014. Meanwhile, they've been doing a good job with the flowers. The red umbrellas are a nice touch, too.

We're still on summer hours at the bookstore, i.e., open seven days a week. With the arrival of September, we'll probably taper off those Sundays at the shop and do a little autumn cruising, if only for day trips. And I will -- very soon -- be posting something about short stories. It's just been a little difficult to collect my thoughts recently. And now this week we are focused on David's Friday opening in Leland!

P.S. on Tuesday: Town still hoppin' and poppin' --

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