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Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Winner! And, Let's Meet Across the Street

We only had six names, so we put everyone's name in Bruce's hat twice. I hope no one minds that it is a University of Michigan cap.

The fickle hand of fate --. Oops, sorry, Bruce! Bruce's hand reaches out....

Whose name is it?

It's Karen! Karen wins the free book! I would have made a little video of the drawing but have had trouble uploading videos so tried to squeak a little drama out of it in this cheap, old-fashioned way.

And now for today: It's raining, but the fierce overnight winds have settled down, so it's not a bad day, as I can attest from my morning errands around town under an umbrella, which came after an earlier dog walk without umbrella, as old coat and hood were easier to manage in the fields and woods.

Walking is our theme for the day, as our first 2013 Dog Ears Books guest author -- the first guest author of our 20th anniversary year! -- comes to Northport to read from her new book and answer questions about her latest long adventure on foot. I'm saying that Loreen walked 2,000 miles to get to Northport, because her first book was an account of a 1,000-mile circuit of Lake Michigan, and her new book tells of walks taken on all five Great Lakes, for a total of a second 1,000 miles. She walked in all kinds of weather, too, so no fair anyone complaining to her about today's rain!

Just remember, the bookstore will not be at the bookstore today. Instead we will gather at Brew North coffee house, across the street, courtesy of the ever genial and generous Erik and Deirdre Owen. Come around noon, get a cuppa, and make yourself comfortable before the 12:15-2:15 event. Books will be available, cash or check only, and the author will be happy to sign them for you.

So don't let a little rain keep you home. As my grandmother used to say complacently when I worried that she would get wet without an umbrella, "I'm not sugar! I won't melt!"


Dawn said...

Congratulations Karen! :)

Dawn said...

And what is Sarah doing in that cold water!! :)

P. J. Grath said...

You are a good sport, Dawn. And I must confess: that picture of Sarah is an old one from summer, not from this winter/spring we've been having! I just wanted something wet and thought my romping dog would be more interesting than dripping leaves.

Karen said...

Thanks! i look forward to reading the book!!!