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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Visitors, Offerings, and Seasonal Signs

A Few Recent Visitors

One visitor to the bookstore on the Friday before the Big Storm won my heart instantly. Lucy is a mix of border collie and Australian shepherd, just like Sarah, and as you can see, they has the same colors, though Lucy is marked differently and has a curlier coat. Don't they make a beautiful pair? They got along well together, too.

Sarah (back) & Lucy (front)

Going back a week or two more, here is one of our stateliest canine friends. Look at those long legs!

When she wants to, Sadie can sit in a chair and still have her front feet on the ground, which makes for a very droll sight. I think she is definitely the tallest dog who has ever visited us on Waukazoo Street.

Not all Dog Ears Books visitors are dogs, but most of the humans don’t have their pictures taken. Bill Coohon of Northport was an exception. He let me photograph him, and he even gave me permission to put pictures of him on the blog, after I told him that his M-201 cap would be good advertising for his wife (my friend) Sally's shop, Dolls and More (at 102 Nagonaba Street in Northport). 


Telling a story
Bill, please don't be offended at sharing the bill with canines! Bill's face is at least as expressive as Lucy's and Sarah's and Sadie's, don't you think? He also talks with his hands in ways they can't--and as he pointed out, none of that facial or gesture expression comes through in e-mail. I think in the second photo he was telling of being out on his sailboat in Grand Traverse Bay during an electrical storm. 

New Offerings at Dog Ears Books

Up North Literature
The newest issue of the Dunes Review, always an Up North literary favorite, has arrived, so now is the time to add Winter 2012 to your collection! If you’re missing back issues, we may be able to help you fill in some of those, too. We’re also pleased to announce the addition of beautiful new notecards from Traverse City artist Glenn Wolff to our store inventory. Glenn will be this summer’s artist-in-residence in Leland, so his cards are a timely addition. Literature and art, art and literature: they go well together in an Up North bookstore and in Up North homes.

Up North Art
We Welcome Signs of Spring

Before the Big Storm, daffodils underneath the big silver maple at home had begun to push through leaf litter and into the light. They survived being buried by over two feet of snow and are back on track—onward and upward—a cheery sight!

The green fuse, etc., etc.

Can robins be far behind?

Ready for the birds--


Dawn said...

We've got early spring flocks of robins...I'll send some up to you. Love Lucy's face! (Bob's looks friendly too!)...glad spring is headed back your deserve it!

dmarks said...

There's M-201 also now? I wonder if that is trademarked.

I wonder how the M-22 guys got away with trademarking an emblem seen on a state road sign.

P. J. Grath said...

I'm actually on the look-out and listen-out for red-wing blackbirds, as a birder friend says they are the first to return in spring, and we should have some squawking in the big willows soon.

Bill is a great guy. M-201 is not a booming business, dmarks, but a sideline of Sally's business. Dolls and More has so much "more" that it's hard to keep track of all her ideas! This one came about because M-22 comes north from Suttons Bay and turns back south to Leland right on the south edge of the village of Northport. It doesn't come into town at all! That's the job of M-201, and since we want people to come visit our village, Sally started promoting our own little highway. She probably hasn't gone for a trademark. We're small--and we're special!

Gerry said...

Small but choice, I think. We have been out dawdling up and down the shoreline and it is very fine out there. You just can't keep a good daffodil - or border collie - down. Bring on the redwing blackbirds, sez I.

Kathy said...

Daffodils? Robins? Oh, these sound so wonderful. We've had 60 degrees and sunny today. Feels so good. Bill and the dogs all look interesting. I would love to pause and find a good book to read.

dmarks said...

PJ: I was pretty sure the M-201 folks didn't play hardball, so I didn't mean them. Apparently the M-22 folks do.

P. J. Grath said...

Sunday news flash (posted Monday morning): David and Sarah and I went for a long walk up through the older orchard and back along the edge of the eastern woods. There were too many robins to count! A few hours later, turning down a lane in the truck, windows open, passing a small pond, I heard my first redwing blackbird of the season. Between the robins and the redwing, somehow I realized that the time had "leaped forward" an hour, so we weren't even late for dinner at the home of friends.

I might not say "Spring has sprung!" but it is definitely springing.

Bill C said...

Nice to know I’m among the top dogs of NP.
That’s just a mark of your trade. No one’s come after us yet. But we have a small and dedicated following. Surprisingly – or not – some people don’t get it.

Kathy said...

Can't wait to see a robin, and a redwing blackbird. They'll be heading north soon!

P. J. Grath said...

Bill, you managed to leave a comment! Hope it did not take miracles of perseverance--but if it did, thanks for persevering. And also for appreciating being a Top Dog!

I have to admit that when we were in Grand Marais in September I bought an H58 button. That prompted a few questions back home here in Leelanau.

More birds this (Monday) afternoon, Kathy! If only I could recognize them all by their language!