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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Falling Back, Retrieving Moments

It’s a good thing to gain an hour. There are always so many moments that passed by too quickly, like this one of a surprise visit to Dog Ears Books by Nancy Bunge, editor of the missionery writings of Harriet Wood Wheeler in WOMAN IN THE WILDERNESS: LETTERS OF HARRIET WOOD WHEELER, MISSIONARY WIFE, 1832-1892.

Then one day it was Homecoming--

--and then it was over.

Halloween came and went, just as quickly.

The moments do not stay. They are here and gone.


Dawn said...

We can try to hold them, but they slip away so quickly. It's good to have memories...and photos though.

P. J. Grath said...

I always enjoy yours, too, Dawn. Must go over now and see what you're celebrating--a 50-year anniversary of anything is a big deal!

Gerry said...

You know I had to go looking for more about Harriet Wood Wheeler. Nancy Bunge is an inspiration to a writer lost in the horse latitudes of a project.

While I was doing that the server reset and there went a brilliant, incisive comment. That's OK--this time all the cute little kid photos loaded.

I am curious. What does it mean, "We take the whammo out of your ammo"? Life is inscrutable.

P. J. Grath said...

"You're no match for our awesome power"??? Northport won their Homecoming game, by the way!

I'm glad Nancy Bunge has inspired you. Just think, Gerry--you will be an inspiration to others when you get your Civil War stories out into the world.