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Monday, June 21, 2010

Sunshine, Saved Up Earlier, For Gerry Today

Gerry, I confess that I saved these sunny shots for all of us, starting last Thursday when the weather predictions for the weekend looked dark and foreboding. If we'd had thunderstorms on Saturday instead of bright, blue skies, we would have needed cheering up in a big way, but the weekend was lovely. Now, you're right, summer's official start is rather moody. On our side of Grand Traverse Bay, the air is eerily still, and the marine forecast is talking again of thunderstorms. So here are a few reminders of how beautiful summer can and will be, once the rains pass and the sunshine returns. But rain is summer, too, no?

Isn't it good that the hay was gotten in ahead of the rain? And please take note of those wisteria blossoms! I've waited six years, at least, for that reluctant debutante vine to bloom!


Anonymous said...

Oh thank you! Those are very cheering images. It is nice to see hay piled high and dry, and the wisteria blossoms are lovely. I do not enjoy feeling as if I am in the laundry room of a particularly gloomy castle, but this gray humidity will pass, and we'll be back to kids--and dogs--splashing in the Bay. Maybe even a grumpy blogger.

P. J. Grath said...

As it turned out, our Monday was mostly sun over here by Lake Michigan, an a "practically perfect" day, and a lot more hay was got in before last night's rain. Now Tuesday morning is here with lovely, soft "Japanese landscape" effects. That's how David describes a foggy day, and I find it adds to my enjoyment to think that way, too.