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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Photographer Catches Blossoms, Slights Visitors, Berates Self

There! You see, I did not completely fail to document author Elizabeth Kane Buzzelli’s book signing last Friday, though instead of posting any of my own few pictures I took the lazy way out, posting a link to Marjorie’s blog so people could see her much better photographs. (No, Elizabeth was not wearing that lampshade on her head! I told you Marjorie’s pictures were better.) But I had an excuse: I was too busy greeting and introducing people, selling books and monitoring the bookstore dog to use my camera during the liveliest moments of the evening. Luckily for me and the rest of our village, Elizabeth visits Northport a couple of times a year, and I vow I’ll take better photographs next time.

Kathy Drue from the Keewanaw, on the other hand, turned up today for the very first time, and only after she left did my eye fall upon my unused camera, when I realized I hadn't gotten a single picture of her! She came all the way to Northport, she was sitting right there in Dog Ears Books, drinking coffee with me, she bought books, we visited, she met Sarah and Char and Ted and who-all else, and I didn’t photograph any of it, let alone ask Ted or Char (Sarah is smart but not that smart) to take a picture of the two of us together. Will anyone believe she was really here? I’m so embarrassed by this foolish omission that I don’t have the heart to publish the post I’ve been working on but will instead just put up some pictures of wildflowers from Northport Creek. Kathy, these are for you. The photograph of falling water at the end is a representation of my mind: all in motion, nothing holding still long enough for me to catch up with it.


Anonymous said...

Pamela, I just posted a blog. I am so tired that I am worried it might not sound I'm feeling nervous! Please tell me if something is wrong. So tired. My blog should have been "Too Tired to Blog". Anyway, your blog sounds GREAT. Anyone reading comments--we really were together. It happened! And you can come over to my blog to see pics of Pamela & Sarah and the bookstore.
It was so great to meet you! I will reply to your email whe I'm not so darn tired.

Anonymous said...

(1) Elizabeth's hat looks quite fetching
(2) That buttercup photo is way cool
(3) I'm going to go over to Kathy's blog to see if she took pictures. Bet she did.

Anonymous said...

P.S. the wildflowers look so lovely. Thank you! It's 6:45 a.m. and time to hit the road after a good night's sleep. Still smiling after our visit yesterday. So glad you were there.

Dawn said...'s not the pictures that's the time spent visiting with the other person that truly matters. Which you accomplished, complete with coffee and a friendly dog (per Kathy's blog) and I'm pretty sure she didn't feel slighted at all.

P. J. Grath said...

I'm going to follow the rest of you over to Kathy's blog. Since I sent everyone to Marjorie's blog only days ago, this second instance of linking gives me the idea for a name for this phenomenon: INTERBLOGGING. See you later....