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Friday, August 28, 2009

Movie Recommendation

Swans can look haughty and regal, or (scroll to end of post) swans can be a laugh riot, but there are swans on this post only because (1) I had the pictures, and (2) the photos were taken in Suttons Bay, which is where I want to send you if you’re anywhere in Leelanau County this week. Go see “Julie and Julia” at the Bay Theatre! Cover your ears during the previews (the sound during previews is always WAY TOO LOUD), and then sit back and let yourself be thoroughly entertained and delighted. I’m afraid to say more for fear of sounding giddy, but I wasn’t the only person coming out of that theatre wiping tears of laughter from my face. There! No more! Go see the movie! (Yes, I’ve got the book at Dog Ears.)


Anonymous said...

My mom and I loved Julie & Julia, too...laughed, cried and hooted!

Dave and I saw The Time Traveler's Wife last night and really enjoyed it. I'd read the book, and thought the movie was a good rendition...and even a little easier to follow as far as keeping track of all the time shifts.

P. J. Grath said...

I haven't read TTW yet. Maybe over the winter. You and Donna probably sounded like me at the J&J movie. I actually started applauding at the end. At first no one else did. Then I stopped. Then everyone broke out in applause. Reminded me of seeing "Breaking Away" years ago in Kalamazoo. When an audience claps at the end of a movie, as if it had been a live performance, you know they enjoyed the show.

dmarks said...

PJ: Then there was "Star Wars Episode I". They cheered when the movie started, due to the many years anticipation of this, the fourth "Star Wars" movie.

But as it unfolded, bad Anakid acting and the Jar Jar debacle, it was not surprising that there was NO applause when it was all over.

P. J. Grath said...

Applause at the beginning and then not at the end? That's a sad story, dmarks!