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Friday, May 16, 2008

Real Spring

Thursday was a perfect outdoor and people day. Despite bookstore visitors, I made a little headway in the Louv book, but it was not a big reading day or evening. After closing the bookstore and making time for an interlude in woods and orchard with Sarah (woods musical with birdsong, cherry trees and dandelions between the rows abuzz with bees, sky blue, sunshine streaming), David and I took his oldest daughter and her husband to the Happy Hour for diinner. They are visiting Up North from Kalamazoo as they recreate, for a wedding anniversary trip, their honeymoon of 25 years ago. So that was fun. The National Honor Society from Northport School was having dinner in the back room, and it was good to peek at those handsome kids, too, remembering when they were little.

This morning I read the third and fourth chapters of LIVING AT THE END OF TIME and grew pensive over Chapter Four’s stories of the Old Guard residents. We’ll have dinner tonight with descendants of the Old Guard, however, and no one will be pensive, I’m sure, in that lively crowd.

The first asparagus is coming in, along with the elusive and secretive morels. I manage to find Jack-in-the-pulpit and rely on friends to bring me edibles from the plant world.

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Anonymous said...

Don't you just love this perfect week of spring when the flowering trees are in blossom? It's practically heartbreaking in its intensity and transience.

P.S. Dmarks, yes I've been to Book Cliffs in Wabasha. And I laughed when I saw that one of your interests is Vernor's: my all-time favorite soft drink, hard to find here in Minnesota and sorely missed. Even when you can find it these days, it's just not the same as it used to be, not nearly as spicy and tingly.