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Saturday, August 9, 2014

You Know It's August When the Days Fly By

Audience assembles in David Grath's art gallery
This summer I haven't scheduled as many bookstore events as in previous years. It was getting too exhausting. One a month seemed like a manageable pace, and then somehow I didn't get anything special on the calendar in August, so I had plenty of energy for Mary Beth Pope, who came from Boston to summer here with her parents and read for us from her book of short stories, Divining Venus. 

Inquiring minds want to know!
We had an attentive, appreciative audience. The author read one of her short stories and then graciously answered questions.

Mary Elizabeth Pope

Afterward there were refreshments, and there was informal socializing, and I sold books to people who took them to Mary Beth to sign, and it was after 9 o'clock before the crowd cleared away, all of us feeling very good about an enjoyable and successful evening.

That was Thursday. Perfect weather. Friday was farm market, of course, which I toured expeditiously sans camera, simply making my purchases and visiting with friends -- perfect weather again, for vacationers and for ongoing cherry harvest -- and then came Saturday, a beautiful blue-sky day, with the 2014 Dog Parade, "Hairy Pawter and the Wizard of Woof"!

When you see the fire truck, you know the dogs are coming!
This is it! Dogs on parade!

Dog with golden wings!
The dog parade is a real challenge to an amateur photographer.

Sometimes I only got a head
Sometimes I got only feet!

Big group shots are the easiest
Leelanau UnCaged is gearing up for the end of September

They're already letting loose their creativity!

Our township is big on clean energy

But dogs reign supreme on Dog Parade Day

Friends of Leelanau Township Library

Black Sheep Crossing

Omena always elects a dog to its highest public office

Yea, Kal! They plowed us out all winter!!!

(It's a costume!)

And where was Sarah, you may be wondering? She, along with many other humans and canines, was a very keen observer of the passing scene!


Cheri Walton said...

This is great! Would you mind if I used some of these pictures as reference material for paintings? I love painting crowds, and adding dogs would be so much fun for me. I never thought of it before, but I could do a series of people walking their dogs. Several years ago I did a series of downtown Bangor called "Dog Walk," but it was scenes that I saw as I walked. This could be Dog Walk 11. I'm excited.....

Karen Casebeer said...

Wonderful images! There was so much creativity displayed that day. I'm trying to decipher Sarah's expression. Was she secretly thinking: Thank goodness I don't have to get all dressed up like a fool, or was she wistfully wishing to be a bigger part of the action?

Dawn said...

What cute dogs! And people too! I saw a sheltie in there! OF course loved the dog with the tie and glasses and tongue! And Sarah too. Looks fun.

P. J. Grath said...

Cheri, I would be honored to have you use my photos for painting inspiration, and I'm sure Northport would be honored, as well. Karen, I don't think Sarah felt left out. After all, when you're IN a parade, you don't get to SEE it. Dawn, trust you to spot a Sheltie! I'm the same way with spotting Aussies and border collies.

Now I'm feeling guilty, though, for having my guest author share the stage with the dog parade. I really should have done two separate posts. Dogs are such scene-stealers, aren't they?

Kathy said...

As someone soon going on a book tour, I read the part about Mary Beth Pope's readings with great attention. Sounds like a good time was had by all! (Oh, and the dog parade looks like fun, too.)

P. J. Grath said...

Kathy, Mary Beth had a great time at her reading and signing. I'm sure you will enjoy your book tour!

Anonymous said...

Thank u . Pamela

P. J. Grath said...

You're welcome, whoever U R. I have 2 guesses in mind....