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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Seedtime -- Harvest in Preparation -- Time Rushes On

Acorn squash
Pumpkins are ripening in my higgledy-piggledy garden, and good-looking acorn and butternut squashes are taking shape. To us they are winter food, but to Nature they are nothing more than giant wombs, shelters for the seeds nourished within. 

Butternut squash
Alongside luscious blackberries, thistles flourish, and the purple and gold of a month ago has turned to brown and beige in the fields. All around us, as summer segues into fall, seeds are ripening.

Box elder
Seeds are quieter than flowers. The latter are display, the former potential. But there is nothing “mere” about floral display, since it is necessary to attract pollinating insects that enable plants to make their seeds. To every thing there is a season. Again and again, all we need do is look around to see that truth. Turn, turn, turn....

We had a busy week leading up to the busy holiday weekend, and I'm still way behind with book news but hope to catch up soon. Visiting family, a birthday dinner, evenings of laughter and love -- all that took precedence, and then there was the holiday, with a busier Labor Day than I expected at the bookstore.

Gold in the fields is not all gone, as there is goldenrod everywhere, and soon there will be the purple of asters. So maybe I can still work in that purple-and-gold poetry post, after all. We'll see. So many books -- and you know the rest....

Goldenrod background for grass seedheads


Dawn said...

I hope you get a break now so that you can enjoy the beautiful place that you live!

P. J. Grath said...

We'll be taking short breaks when we can this fall and a long winter break. I've signed up for a 6-week drawing class and am very excited about that.

Dawn said...

oooh...a drawing class sounds like fun! You already draw so wonderfully.

P. J. Grath said...

Kind of you to say so, Dawn, but I would like to be more confident and would like to loosen up more, too. Am in hopes this instructor will help me in those ways, as friends said she did for them.