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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Every Dog Deserves a Chance to Run Free Now and Then

Happy morning dog!
In our increasingly crowded and regulated world, it’s harder and harder to find places for a dog to run, but taking time to seek out quiet spaces is worth the trouble for me. A big bonus is giving my own eyes and soul a chance to run free alongside my dog. The noncredit drawing class I’m taking once a week for six weeks in Traverse City began last night, and my eyes are hungrily devouring the world, my soul expanding in the light. Looking at patterns....

Let your spirit soar!
Running free.... Devouring the world's sights.... Releasing the soul from its fetters.... If not now, when?

Running free certainly fits the “Leelanau Uncaged” theme for Northport’s art/music/poetry/performance street fair this Saturday. With wonderful food offerings, too (what’s a fair without food?), Leelanau Uncaged will be going all day on Saturday and into the evening, and in keeping with the spirit of the day, Dog Ears Books is going “uncaged,” too, with the following events:

Noon: Poetry reading by Fleda Brown, who will read from her newly released collection, No Need of Sympathy

1:30 p.m.: Book signing by and conversation with Ken Wylie, co-author of the new novel (already a regional best-seller), Possessed

4 p.m. Live music by “Prevailing Winds”

I had a little brain wave this morning. Not sure if I’ll do it or not.... I may let myself out of a cage in a new way on Saturday, but you’ll have to come to the bookstore to find out if and how. Hmmm, do I dare??????

Who dares to step out of line and be an individual?


Karen Casebeer said...

Gorgeous images, Pamela. I find the second one down especially pleasing with the leading lines from the fence row grabbing your vision and pointing the way. Very lovely. Karen

P. J. Grath said...

Thanks, Karen. I love that fence and the scenes along it. If you go to "A Shot in the Light," you'll see three images from beyond the fence. I wonder how you would rank-order the three.

Dawn said...

Yes the second photo is a classic...but I am partial to Sarah. Perhaps you will read some of your own work on Saturday?

P. J. Grath said...

I'm not going to say more or give hints. It will be -- IF it will be! -- a surprise.

Kathy said...

You're taking a drawing class! Along with everything else you do... Your spirit is probably thankful that you are nourishing this side of yourself. Hope you are having a happy weekend--and running free for a spell.

P. J. Grath said...

I'm taking a drawing class as in I'm FINALLY taking a drawing class! The instructor I've wanted to study with for years has never before offered a class at a time that fit my schedule. This fall -- hallelujah!