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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Michigan Summer Color for Kathy in New South Wales

Rich, lush green predominates Up North this time of year, but there are many other colors, too. Some are in flower beds and pots. Even neglected flower gardens, I'm pleased to report, continue to bloom.

The meadows and fields are also full of color.

And in the kitchen garden, color is just beginning, with promise of much more to come in the weeks ahead.

We've had good growing conditions this spring and early summer in northern Michigan. Flowers and trees, fruits and vegetables, humans and other animals are flourishing and happy.

P.S. Kathy -- Yes, I do have my red, white, and blue flowers in the bookstore windowboxes again this year. That would be a good picture for our holiday tomorrow, wouldn't it?


Kathy in NSW said...

Utter gorgeousness! If that's not a word it is now. Fair dinkum, Pamela.

Dawn said...

Pretty! You are moving right along with summer! Happy 4th to you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Pamela,
Beautiful flowers. Do you know the name of the blue/purple one with the three petals? A friend gave me some and they are blooming madly but doesn't know what they're called. Would love to know their name.

Happy 4th of July to you :)

P. J. Grath said...

Hi, y'all. Long, music-filled day in Northport, and now I'm home for the long light of evening, while up in Northport the bands play on until fireworks, and then there will be post-fireworks music, too, as part of a 3-day festival sponsored and organized by the Motovino/Lelu Cafe people.

Amy-Lynn, the deep lavender-blue flower is spiderwort. The Latin genus name (I'm not looking it up, so forgive me if I spell it wrong) is Tradescantia, and there are magenta and white garden varieties. I'll post more pictures of it soon, because it has an interesting, almost architectural form, and as a cut flower it lasts forever and forever, a quality I appreciate in busy summer.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for identifying the spiderwort Pamela. That's it!