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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Not Much Time for Commentary

"Take your dog to work day?" someone asked. After the work, we had a lot of fun.
This is obviously not our private playground any more.
Instead of dogs frolicking, there will be golfers soon.
I'd eaten quite a bit of chicken curry before realizing I hadn't taken its picture first,
but I got a photograph of David's refreshing rice noodle and shrimp sausage before too much of it was gone. This was the first evening of Thai food at Lelu Cafe.
This morning I captured spiderwort's blue better than the other day.
Many blossoms yet to come on this stem!
Time for beautiful lilies ...
... and the first raspberries are coming on, too.
I did not take my camera on yesterday afternoon's mini-vacation with Sarah. We were living in the moments, luxuriating in a refreshing pool created by a rushing creek emptying into a large lake. A mother duck and two ducklings kept their distance. Brilliant blue dragonflies were not bothered by our presence. I picked through small stones. Sarah stood around in water up to her belly, content to be cool.

Tonight Loreen Niewenhuis will be at the Leelanau Township Library in Northport, beginning her presentation at 7:30 p.m. Loreen has done two 1,000-mile walks, one around Lake Michigan and the second comprising different stretches of the five Great Lakes. On book tour now with her second book, she has also begun her third adventure, exploring Great Lakes islands. Most of the library series events are on Tuesdays, so a Thursday event is unusual, but it's when Loreen had time in her schedule. She is a lively, personable presenter. Catch her if you can!


Dawn said...

Sorry about the golf course. Like Michigan really needs another. Glad you had an adventure and that Sarah was able to soak in cool water. Glad also your raspberries are coming in. They are exceptional this year. And glad you get to hear Loreen talk again too!

P. J. Grath said...

I am not a golfer, Dawn, but many people in our area are, and they have been bereft since losing a beautiful country course a few years back, so this 9-hole course will get a lot of use from the public.

Loreen's slide show was excellent! Very interesting and informative, though some of my favorite images were of a rabbit, a turtle, and a baby -- muskrat? no, I forget. Anyway, you get the picture. Niagara Falls, her grand finale, was video and impressive as only Niagara Falls can be.

Sarah is weathering the heat pretty well. I did a little clipping on her yesterday. She really had more hair than she needed!

P. J. Grath said...
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