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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dashing In for a Quick Shout-Out

Thank heaven I have a commute that soothes my soul on the mornings and evenings I make time to go by the back roads. If you follow that link, you can see more, but I'm not going to write much this morning. Tomorrow is the day that David Roll comes to Dog Ears Books with his nationally important and very well-reviewed new book, The Hopkins Touch, a biography of Harry Hopkins, advisor to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt during World War II, and I'm a little antsy about the event. It takes a lot of planning to have authors come to my bookstore -- getting books, exchanging e-mails, advertising, sending out press releases, posting fliers, putting invitations and notices on Facebook, etc. I don't just give an author a place to sit and let him sink or swim. It's pretty incredible, too, the quality of writers who have been willing to come up to little Northport at the end of an Up North peninsula. Your online bookseller will never come through for you like this, so think it over, and please -- if you're going to buy the book, buy it from me. I'm your local bookseller, whether you shop local or not.


Dawn said...

Yes you are! :) And I'm grateful to have you!

BB-Idaho said...

I read Persico's 'Roosevelt's Centurians during my 4000 mile driving vacation and was impressed and intrigued by Harry Hopkins.
Operated on for stomach cancer in
1939, and given weeks to live, he was physically weak and pale. Yet, he served the entire WWII in a key
role with FDR, an amazing will to
contribute. He was much admired by
Churchill...and even Stalin. Roll's book sounds like another must for me.

P. J. Grath said...

Long-time friend and customer Ken Wylie, Ph.D., says of Roll's book that it is "a superb piece of work." He said a lot more, but I wrote that phrase down as soon as it passed his lips. He is a careful, critical reader of history.