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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Especially ... in the Rain

The reds and yellows, oranges and golds and purples of fall foliage—all are especially beautiful in the rain. The past two weekends here Up North we’ve had both company and rain, and we and our company have all had a wonderful time.

Two weekends ago my stepdaughter remarked happily, “We’ve never had this much color when we’ve been here before!” She and her husband were thrilled to have been here for the peak of a most colorful autumn.

This past weekend’s guests talked us into a walk in the woods in the rain. We went in search of the striped maple, a small tree they had never seen. We were able to show them many (easy to spot this time of year), a couple quite large. No, I did not take my camera into the rainy woods, so there are no photos from that walk, but believe me, all came home from the expedition wet and well satisfied. The colors were stunning, too. We had to stop to catch our breath several times, and not because the hike was too arduous but because the scenery was breathtaking.

Locals and visitors who don’t want to get wet can easily enjoy fall color in comfort as they drive the roads of Leelanau County. Leaves and pavement alike gleam as if lacquered. Sous un ciel couvert (under a cloudy sky), time seems to slow down and almost stand still, an illusion I cherish. Even then, it's worthwhile to pull over to the shoulder (signal first, please) and get out of the car for a closer look. Asparagus adds a surprising charm to fall composition, and sumac particularly rewards the closer viewer.

The groundwater needs recharging, and higher lake levels (back to “normal”) would be appreciated by all. Still, I have to admit we’re glad our grandson had clear skies earlier in October when he drove up from Kalamazoo on Friday and back home on Sunday with the top down all the way. Sunshine for David and Lyric, peak color for Carson and Kirk, striped maples for Michael and Majda--no complaints from our happy guests, whose cups of blessings all overflowed.


Gerry said...

Nice to see autumn in "watercolor" over there too. I hope you had some of today's sunshine. There is nothing quite like a lovely day in October.

P. J. Grath said...

Not only did we have beautiful (and unforecast) sunshine yesterday, Gerry, but I got OUT IN IT! There will be spectacular photos, if I do say so myself, from the wooded dunes very soon.

Also, I neglected to list among our happy guests beloved friends Laurie and Godfrey, who were here (with Nadine, their dog) the same weekend as David and Lyric. During the rainy weather when I put up this post, my memory of that sunny weekend was full of our grandson's long ride in the convertible. The top was being stubborn and wouldn't go up. SO GLAD it wasn't raining for him! But also SO GLAD to have had Laurie and Godfrey and Nadine here, too! As my old Paris friend told me one evening when she and I and David and a British friend of his were all having dinner together in Helene's neighborhood, "We're making beautiful memories."