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Monday, July 16, 2018

Busy and Challenged

Having murdered my camera by leaving it out in the rain (so maybe not murder, because not intentional), I am not 100% satisfied with the substitutes I’ve tried. Neither of the Artist’s little cameras nor my own new smart-aleck phone does what I used to do so easily with my Canon. Meanwhile, every week brings another Thursday Evening Author, which translates to another camera challenge. We did have a good time last week with poet Richard Gilmore Loftus, though, even if my photographic documentation leaves something to be desired. 

I’m camera-challenged in the outdoors, too. The baby robins with their characteristically hungry open beaks opening this post aren’t bad, but I would have liked a better, i.e., sharper, clearer image of their earlier sleepiness, seen here in less-than-optimal detail.

But on with the show, camera or no, because as bulletin board and counter attest, the summer beat goes on at Dog Ears Books, as it does everywhere Up North.

This Thursday will be very special, with not one but three authors joining us for TEA at 7 p.m. When Lynne Rae Perkins and Anne-Marie Oomen agreed to share the stage, it looked as if Anne-Marie’s co-author would not be available, but now poet Linda Nemec-Foster’s calendar has cleared, and she will be with us, too. (Linda was last here in 2014, when thirteen Michigan poets helped us celebrate the 21st anniversary of Dog Ears Books. How the last four years have flown!) So, two books, three authors — both books and all authors fabulous and pure Michigan! Please come if you can. You won’t be sorry!

Postscript 7/17: Now it appears that Linda will not be able to make the date, after all, but I know we will be sufficiently entertained and delighted by Anne-Marie and Lynne Rae, so keep that date circled!

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Anonymous said...

But your smartphone (I like your terminology "smart-aleck phone") probably has more resolution than your old camera. I spent bucks on a great DSLR with lenses, flashes, etc. that takes forever to set up, frame, zoom, focus and shoot but has slightly less pixels than my newer smartypants phone. But the phone has apps to manipulate photos that I sometimes import my DSLR photos to the phone (or a tablet with a bigger screen). The phone is "always" with me, but I'll take the camera for "serious" work. Phone is okay but can't hold a candle (pardon the pun) to my huge flash.
(Looking at pics on a browser loses a lot of impact anyway, so we're not missing much. Your pictures, Pamela, are always great and your outdoor shots are wonderful.)
--old weird bill.