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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Do I Really Need an Excuse?

I don’t have an important theme today and really not much at all to report. Because we have different plow arrangements this year, we’re not quite able yet to predict with confidence what time the accumulated snow and drifts will be cleared away, but we were able to get out of our driveway this morning by ten o’clock, an acceptable winter day departure hour.

So, la-di-da, now I’m here in Northport, here in my bookstore, la-di-da, nothing much to say on the blog, though I’ve had lively conversations already today with customers. All I really want to do is show my Christmas tree and flowers again! Even though my tree never looks as good in pictures as it feels to me when I’m in the same room with it. String of cool LED lights and silver ball ornaments were loaned to me this year by Pat Scott. Marjorie Farrell made the pretty paper star ornaments.

Clare Gengarelly brought me the bright, happy poinsettia plant (how many of us can spell that word without looking it up?), and Kathleen Stocking brought and arranged the beautiful roses and lilies and their companions.

(Later insert: Coming back to add a closeup of this cute little holiday mouse,sent to me by my sister, Deborah.)

So really, I just wanted to share these beautiful things with readers of Books in Northport. It’s okay for us, some days, for a few minutes, just to relax and smile. We don’t need any excuse to appreciate beauty, do we? 

The snow softly falling outside is beautiful, too.


Gerry said...

Just the thought of Northport is often enough to make me smile! Happy Saturday PJ.

Dawn said...

Sigh. Beautiful..

Deborah said...

Absolutely with Gerry - thinking of Northport always makes me smile, as does thinking of you my sister!

P. J. Grath said...

Ditto your way, Deborah -- and today (Monday) the SUN IS SHINING!