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Thursday, July 3, 2014

July 4, 1849, Northport, Michigan; Northport Today

“The little colony at Northport was scarcely settled in their new home when they were reminded that the anniversary of the nation’s birthday was close at hand. They determined to celebrate it in a becoming manner. They had no cannon or flag. An old sailor on board the vessel undertook to supply the latter. Cutting up a red flannel shirt and a white cotton sheet, he manufactured of the two a flag that was deemed respectable for the occasion. The morning of the Fourth was ushered in with a salute from all the guns that could be mustered. Then all the party, young and old, repaired to the little island in the bay [Gull Island], where the day was passed pleasantly. We may well believe what we are told by one who was present, that this Fourth of July celebration in the Grand Traverse country was as full of patriotism and love of country as any that has ever been held since.”

-      Dr. M. L. Leach, Grand Traverse Region: A History (1883)

Between marina and beach playground

“M-22 between Omena and Northport is under construction, and a mess, but the wait in traffic will be worth it, as Northport has undergone a near-complete transformation. Why, the village has a bowling alley, and a 9-hole golf course is expected to open later this month. The transformation offers proof that communities with older people can start anew.”

- “Our 
Opinion,” Leelanau Enterprise, Thursday, July 3, 2014

Northport still holds to and displays its patriotism with a beautiful Memorial Day service out at the cemetery and a fun- and music-filled prelude to fireworks on the evening of July 4.

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Karen Casebeer said...

This is truly a special place. Love the gazebo pic. It's truly red, white, and blue. Karen