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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Meditation on Three Potatoes

Potatoes placed on sheets of paper on table
Pure contour drawing (done without looking at drawing while doing it)
Modified contour drawing (looking back and forth from potatoes to drawing)
Details and shading added to modified contour drawing

Shadows from light source added

Dog Ears Books will NOT -- absolutely NOT -- be open tomorrow! We're here for a while today (Wednesday) and will be here on Friday and Saturday. Tomorrow is a holiday. We're taking it and hope you can, too.

So until Friday, then, if we don't see you today, 

Happy Thanksgiving 
-- and Happy Hanukkah! 


Kathy said...

Wonderful meditation! From potato to eye to hand to pencil and back again dozens of times. What a gift to be able to meditate like that, to see deeper into three simple potatoes and then to share your seeing.

P. J. Grath said...

Thanks, Kathy. I can't tell you what a peaceful way drawing is for me to start my mornings.

Dawn said...

That does sound like a wonderful way to start the day! Hope your Thanksgiving was peaceful or riotous, whichever you preferred! And that you have several shoppers on Friday!

P. J. Grath said...

Our Thanksgiving was relaxing and peaceful, our guest a friend of mine dating back to 43 Thanksgivings ago. Cooking together, visiting, sharing a table. David was happy with the gravy, which is the most important part of T-Day dinner to him. I used the last of my dried morels, inspired by listening to guest Mario Batali (who was here in Northport for the holiday) on NPR's "The Splendid Table."

Now this Friday morning is gorgeous!!! Beautiful white snow, sparkling frost, blue sky, sunshine -- and no wind! It's the perfect day-after, and Sarah and I are here and ready to greet our public.

Hope everyone had a great holiday!