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Monday, July 15, 2013

Why Blog? Why Bother?

Long summer days begin early

Blogging. Why? Is it communication or compulsion? Generous offering or mere self-indulgence? Sharing or performing? Fixing memories or bypassing experience?

All of the above?

Even so, evening comes too soon
My initial impulse back in 2007 was to share my life with friends, family, and bookstore customers who have only vacation time in Leelanau and ache for it the rest of the year. Quickly it became an avenue for self-expression, a substitute (pale or more vivid?) for the more concentrated, more creative writing I too rarely find time to do. There is also an aspect in my blogging that involves dreaming a future, e.g., the whole chicken thing. But, like a chicken, I’m sure that’s only scratching the surface of a deep tangle of complex motivations.

Right now it’s summer, though, and my bookstore life is fulltime and then some. Husband and dog and gardens take what attention I can give them: husband and dog – lucky for them! -- have an advantage over gardens in that the former can come to the bookstore, while the latter cannot.

Got most of mowing done before mower belt broke
Squash only needs watering
Attention needed here

(Needs no caption)
Torn and tired as I often feel, my world is beautiful in all its aspects – home, bookstore, and country commute from one to the other -- and I’m here now. I’m here now. Other bloggers contribute to enlarging my world with their thoughts and photographs, so why shouldn’t I do the same? I guess I also like to think that when I’m gone, when “now” has become “back then,” someone will remember “P.J. was here.” In case I never get any books of my own written, at least there will once have been “Books in Northport.”

Tonight, 7 p.m., Katey Schultz at Dog Ears Books.


Deborah said...

I would SO miss your blogging if you didn't do it. I look daily for new photos and to read about what you are reading, what you are thinking, what you are doing and what is happening Up North, where I wish I were 24/7.

P. J. Grath said...

So that means the blog is still fulfilling its original mission at least part of the time. Good to know! xxxooo

Anonymous said...

I agree wholeheartedly!

Kathy in Oz said...

More stunning pictures of summertime in Northport! I am so grateful for the happy accident that led me to stumble into your beautiful world, Pamela.

P. J. Grath said...

Thanks, Maiya and Kathy. I'm glad you both came into my life, too. Even if Kathy and I never manage to meet face to face, it's fun to share stories of our lives.

Dawn said...

I would miss you so much! Plus I would miss Northport. And Sarah of course.

Carson said...

Your comment about the blog put tears in my eyes. You will be remembered for so much more than your blog. I wish I could be there more often and see you, Daddy and Sarah in person, but the blog helps with keeping in touch. Thanks for doing it! Love to all.

P. J. Grath said...

You guys are so sweet! Guess I'm feeling my mortality more this summer than in previous years, so thank you for all your support. Love you, too!