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Friday, February 15, 2013

Love, Love, Love

The Friday following Valentine’s Day is finding me uninspired. Not cranky or gloomy, just short on ideas. And that, for me, is the signal to go to pictures, so what you see here is an old bulletin board that filled up over the course of a few years on Nagonaba and Waukazoo Streets, accompanying me on my move from the former (back) to the latter. I don’t have a good place to display it these days, but digging it out of storage and revisiting for a few days the postcards, photographs, and assorted odds and ends brought back many happy memories.

If you look carefully, you’ll see Nikki, our old dog, relaxing at a sidewalk cafe in Appalachicola, Florida. And there is Martin Melkild, showing some of his carved figures. There are Monopoly cards, and there are postcards showing many fascinating places I’ve never visited (the cards were from friends or correspondents I’ve never met), and there are old family snapshots.

There are friends and family members who are no longer among us, and there are babies and little children, some of them bookstore visitors, now grown up. There’s a lot of dog stuff, too—cards, photos, cartoons. (Why would that be?)

Valentine’s Day was quiet but nice. David got me a decorated cupcake! I talked to my mother on the phone, and a nice new customer visited the bookstore. (I must say, there is nothing like a warm human voice.) In the evening, we watched the first two episodes of the latest “Downton Abbey” on DVD, snug as bugs, while winter raged outside.

How did Sarah take it all? As always, in her stride. She really isn't sulking here, only waiting for her folks to get their act together and head for the door. 

Giving a LOOK!


Dawn said...

This was really nice...I'm not sure I found the photo of your dog before Sarah. But I LOVE that photo of Sarah at the end of the post. Lovely color...lovely mood...could be a could many of your photos.

P. J. Grath said...

The snapshot of David sitting at an outdoor table and Nikki at his feet is in both of the first two pictures above but easier to spot in the second one, closer up. It's right beneath the black-and-white sailboats.

I'm glad you liked that photo of Sarah, Dawn. It's on the moody side, but the lighting pleased me. She looked completely different--well, like a dog with a completely different personality!--when we were having her jump "hurdles" at the bookstore earlier in the day. She would sail over like a deer, retrieve her Squeaky, and sail back to us, enormously excited and proud of herself!

Dawn said...

Yep, see her now. Good girl Nikki!

P. J. Grath said...

She’s in at least two other places on the board, also. In the third picture, down in the lower right, there’s a photo on which is marked “U.P.” Nikki is looking out over a wetland, and David is looking down at her. Then to the left and slight up there’s a family portrait of the three of us at the home of friends. We lost Nikki (age 17) in April of 2007, and I didn’t start the blog until September. Then Sarah came into our lives in January of 2008.

dmarks said...

That's quite a glower, by the way. Would look good on the next Dogman book.

P. J. Grath said...

Glower! Good descriptive verb!