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Friday, August 10, 2012

Too Many Topics, Way Too Little Time

Sarah! Wake up! It's August!
Am I ready for EVERYTHING to happen? Because that’s what Saturday will bring, with the first-ever “Northport Loop” Wine Festival in town from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., representing wineries from M-204 north; the wildly popular annual Dog Parade at 1 p.m., with this year’s nod to our new marina facilities in its theme, “Old Un-Salty Dog”; and finally, a Gallery Walk through Northport from 5 to 8 p.m., all galleries owned and run by the artists themselves--with, in a couple of cases, a little help from their friends.

Dog owners from Omena kept coming by the bookstore on Thursday to register for the parade, including the new “Mayor” of Omena. What? You didn’t see the results of that election-for-sale that runs animals as candidates at a dollar a vote to raise money for the Omena Historical Society? The Mayor will be in the parade in Northport on Saturday, along with many other local and visiting dogs. Today—Friday—is the last day to preregister at the bargain price of $5/dog. Proceeds this year go to Black Sheep Crossing, a local nonprofit animal rescue operation. Good cause! Those who miss early registration can sign up to be eligible for prizes on the day of the parade, Saturday, for $10/dog. And by the way, the dog parade this year is being sponsored by the Northport-Omena Chamber of Commerce, under the hard-working direction of Jamie Covert of the Northport Bay Dog and Cat Company. Jamie, you deserve a medal! Good work, girl!

The Gallery Walk is definitely a not-to-miss event. David and I will be at 106 Waukazoo, along with Woodruff Palmer, we three representing and welcoming the public to the Painted Horse Gallery and the David Grath Gallery, open until 8 p.m. that evening. Because Dog Ears Books is situated between the two galleries, and because all three businesses share one entry, the bookstore will be open, too. That’s gravy. It’s the art that’s being showcased. Artists Edie Joppich on Bay Street and Pier Wright on Mill Street will be in their galleries for the evening, semi-retired artist Gene Rantz will have his home gallery open for the only evening this summer. Be sure not to miss the new gallery in the old Depot down by the marina parking lot, where the work of many fine artists and craftspeople is on display in a unique and charming local setting.

Well, so here’s the other thing. I’ve been trying out a new camera, hoping to get used to it and fall in love, but I’m sorry to say there’s no spark. Everything about it is slow. The optical zoom is jerky. The close-up focus is uncooperative. Altogether it has been a very disappointing and unsatisfying experience, and hence—besides the “not enough time” factor--the absence of new photos on this blog.

Then there’s that question Steve raised about intention and evolution, which I’ve been reading up on in my nonexistent spare time. “Spare” as in “stolen.” It’s strange and exciting when books related to a current topic of interest just seem to fall into one’s hands. That is the serendipity of books, nothing at all like doing an online search. But more of this another time.

It's a busy time. That's okay. Soon enough it will be winter again. Remember winter? I do!

Winter on Waukazoo Street


Gerry said...

Hmmm. I remember March 3, 2012, with particular clarity. But for the moment it's August and Sarah probably has the right idea--and certainly the right chair--and Northport as always is going to the dogs. Over here we are going to the Belted Galloways and one bear. We hope there's just one.

Dawn said...

Well it's after 8 now on Saturday night, and hopefully you had a house full for the galleries. Sounds like a wonderful though busy day! Wish you liked your camera! Would have enjoyed photos from the dog parade, but I guess we can look at photos from last year and imagine.

I am not looking forward to snow. Not at all, though it is Christmas-card pretty in your photo.

P. J. Grath said...

There WILL be dog parade photos, taken with the old camera, as soon as I have time to reboot and regroup mentally and get the job done. It was a lovely and fun parade. Perfect weather. Perfect for wine and art, also. Long but very pleasant day, with many relaxed and happy people strolling about town, plus live music down by the harbor and up on Waukazoo Street. More about this soon.

Gerry, BEAR? A BEAR?