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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pace Picks Up as Summer Begins

The loon again. Isn't it worth two days in a row?

This Friday poet Fleda Brown comes to Dog Ears Books (reading at 2 p.m.), so here are a few lines from one of the poems, “If I Were a Swan,” from her book of poetry, Loon Cry:
I would ride high 
above my own white 
weight. I would ride 
through the lightening 
of the earth 
and the darkening 
stillness and turbulence  
coming on in the core 
of me, and spreading 
to the hard rain,to the dazzle.
Come hear more poetry and some beautiful prose from Fleda on Friday afternoon. We promise you an island of sanity in summer's growing craziness.

As the end of June draws nearer, I realize that I am already almost halfway through my year of the stillness project. Paradoxically, I’m finding that it is more difficult to sit still outdoors in summer than in winter (because in summer there are so many outdoor tasks and temptations), but I also find the quiet, still time more and more important as the season—the Season!—gets more frantically busy. Some of my friends sit still to meditate on a regular basis, while others walk labyrinths. I don’t want to get out of the world. Just out of myself and into the world of nature.

We’ve had rain here in Leelanau—and then some! Below is the view from our front door during a recent downpour. When rain comes after supper, we can’t mow and don’t need to water, which makes a perfect time to read on the porch, listening to the drum of rain on the metal roof, but when it comes in the morning, we have to make a run for it to get to work!

Dog Ears Books was a dry, cozy refuge during Tuesday’s heavy rainstorm, with friends and customers and a favorite publisher from the U.P. arriving all at once. Later, a little girl came to choose books with her grandmother, and Sarah contributed her peaceful, comforting magic. Sarah loves company....

IMPORTANT CORRECTION: This Friday is NOT (as I earlier announced) the first night of Music in the Park. The Bill Sears Quartet will be in Northport next Friday, June 29. So tomorrow evening you can do what I'll be doing and head to Leland for artist Glenn Wolf's opening reception at the Old Art Building on the river. Time: 5-8 p.m.

Artists, farmers, booksellers, musicians, spiders, and many more--we're all at work these long summer days.


Kathy in Oz said...

Pamela, that is such a sweet picture of Sarah sitting with the little girl. It quite warms the heart on a cold winter morning in Oz. I wish I could be in your store to meet Fleda and listen to her readings. Best wishes for a lovely time tomorrow (my time).

P. J. Grath said...

A "cold winter morning"! Will I ever get used to the fact of our opposite seasons, Kathy? I wish you could be here on Friday, also. Just remembered, however, that I will not be relaxing with the Bill Sears Quartet at Music in the Park because artist Glenn Wolf (who illustrates all of Jerry Dennis's books and whose beautiful notecards I have for sale at Dog Ears) is having an opening at the Old Art School building in Leland from 5 to 8 p.m. Can't do everything, and I must get to this opening and see Glenn's new work and thank him again for being a presence in Leelanau County, as well as Traverse City.

Dawn said...

It all sounds fun! Don't you wish you could clone yourself!

Gerry said...

Oh, Sarah, you good dog you.

And to the spider . . . gather ye rain pearls while ye may.

I would like to get over there to hear Fleda read - we will watch the weather forecast with intense interest.

P. J. Grath said...

Dawn, if I could clone myself, one of me would spend the summer in a chaise longue under the basswood tree!

Gerry, all I know of the weather is that this morning's deliciously cool temperature (Thursday a.m.) is supposed to stretch through the weekend. (Ah-h-h-h!)
I'll hope to see you, weather permitting.