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Friday, September 30, 2011

Please Meet a Few of My Friends

Maybe you have stumbled upon Books in Northport this moment for the very first time, or maybe you’re a regular reader. Wait! Don’t touch that dial! Scroll down the right-hand column and take a look at some of my favorite fellow bloggers. The purpose of this post is to give a brief introduction to each one in the list. Some are Up North Michiganders, and a couple are from other countries; some I know well, while others I’ve never met; our main connection may be books—then again, it may be something entirely different. Here it is, then, my blogroll as it stands the first of October 2011:

A 1000 Mile Walk on the Beach is writer Loreen Niewenhuis’s blog. Loreen blogged her way all around Lake Michigan and has continued blogging as she reports on her book tour. She is lively and fun, so take a look at her calendar and see when she’ll be at a bookstore near you.

The Agatelady: Adventures and Events comes to you from the shore of Lake Superior in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, as does Lake Superior Spirit. If your soul (like mine) yearns ever northward, you’ll want to visit Karen’s and Kathy’s blogs, Karen’s from Grand Marais and Kathy’s from way up north of Houghton.

Anishinaabekwe is a Michigan blogger, also, a poet with Ojibway roots and strong love for her native lands and culture. She also posts occasional terrific links to other Native American writers and issues.

The Bookshop Blog is shop talk. Maybe it will interest you and maybe not. Sometimes it interests me—but then, I’m a bookseller, aren’t I?

In my list you’ll find books, etc., written by a librarian friend; Books Books Books, written by a bookseller friend in Massachusetts with whom I share a birthday (we’ve never met in person), and Collecting Children’s Books, by another librarian. What do you think you’ll find at these addresses? Warning: Alan, Helen and Peter are all capable of surprising you.

Casaubon’s Book and Casaubon’s Book – Science Blog focus on resource use and other issues stemming from peak oil. The blogger is book author Sharon Astyk, who is also a small-scale farmer. She has important things to say, so give her a try.

The Bone-eye: A Writer’s Adventures comes to us from fiction writer Bonnie Jo Campbell from down near Kalamazoo. Another fiction writer, Ellen Airgood, makes her home and living up in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, while essayist and nature writer Jerry Dennis, writing about this bountiful world, is only one county away from me, down on Traverse City’s Old Mission peninsula. All three have new books out this year. Ellen and Bonnie were here in the summer, and Jerry comes on Friday, October 7.

Dawn King is a long-time banker who went back to school to become a librarian but found herself back in banking as library budgets evaporated. She writes about many topics, including her Sheltie and highway safety legislation and activism.

The blog called Flandrum Hill originates in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, where Amy-Lynn is often to be found exploring the saltwater marsh and seashore, sharing photographs and observations on nature via her blog.

Lifetime Reading Plan—obviously, another blog about books and reading. The focus here is on classics, but the blogger occasionally ventures into recently published books or even, more rarely, personal revelations.

Want to read about something other than beaches, books and dogs? (So why would you be reading Books in Northport?) Check out Horse Dancing, which I only recently discovered.

Neige au Printemps will give you a chance to brush up on your French and learn about modern Chinese culture at the same time. I started following Neige’s blog back when she was “Le Pays de Neige” and worried terribly when I was unable to find her for a while.

Sleeping Bear Dunes and Torch Lake Views are geographical neighbors, as well as Up North blogger friends. You’ll find plenty of news about all kinds of northern Michigan events on these sites.

Then there’s Throwaway Blog. Look here for posts on science fiction books and movies, Traverse City sights and news, postcard images from bygone days and more.

Finally, Wynken de Worde’s author, Sarah Werner, says her blog is about books, early modern culture, libraries and readers.

I think that’s everyone. A Shot in the Light is just me again but with pictures taking a front seat, and Lacking a Clear Focus, not a very active site, came about when my head was zinging with stuff that didn’t seem to belong in either of my two “real” blogs.

Have I missed anyone? Misidentified or misrepresented anyone? If so, bloggers, please let me know. Also feel free to explain yourself better than I’ve done here. Do all the links work? Readers, let loose your curiosity by visiting these sites, and, if you have time, leave comments to let the bloggers know you were there. Me, I'm exhausted from posting all these links and am going offline for the rest of the evening, but next up will be--"Otters BY Request"!


Dawn said...

Awww...I'm honored that you mentioned me. And I wish I had posted something more inspiring last night than a walk in the park. But then again, after the week of work I had a walk in the park sounds pretty darn good right now.

Thanks for putting me on your list. I'm headed out to visit the others now.

P. J. Grath said...

Dawn, what is better than a dog walk? What happier image than Katie's (or Sarah's) smiling face? Enjoy your weekend--you've earned it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Pamela,
Thank you so much for adding me to your list :) What a nice thing to do.

P. J. Grath said...

Amy-Lynn, your thanks remind me that I found you, on Flandrum Hill, thanks to Gerry at Torch Lake Views. Found Lake Superior Spirit there, too. Throwaway Blog introduced me to Anishinaabekwe. And Helen’s new blog, Books Books Books, led me to Horse Dancing.

There is also the serendipity find, as when I’m reading a blog I find interesting and then just hit “Next Blog” and see what turns up. I found Lifetime Reading Plan and Wynken de Worde that way.

Kathy said...

Thank you very kindly for mentioning my blog, along with all these wonderful other blogs, too. Will have to check out some of the ones I'm not familiar with. (One small correction. We're not really north of Houghton. We're south and east of the Big City by about 45 miles.)

P. J. Grath said...

Kathy, you're more than welcome for the mention, but I am chagrined to learn I have been picturing you in the wrong place (Eagle River/Eagle Harbor area--obviously wrong). How about if we say "north of Marquette"? That will work, won't it?

dmarks said...

Thanks for including me! I'd better get started again sometime.

Kathy said...

North of Marquette works! **grin**