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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It's Going to Take Me a While to Catch Up

Eight days ago (a week ago yesterday) we were breezing over the Mackinac Bridge, heading north. Vacation! What a concept!

First stop--since we reached that stretch of U.S. 2 too late to find Lehto's pasty shop open--was my friend Mary's bookstore on Worth Road. It's hard for me not to envy Mary when we stop to visit: her bookstore is right next to her house, which is only a few steps from her butterfly garden and her vegetable garden, and her Rhode Island Red hens have the freedom of all these yards. Trying to keep my envy in check, I didn't photograph the chickens.

We hadn't phoned ahead. We took a chance. We were lucky.

While I browsed happily and selected my bookstore booty to buy, David and Sarah and Mary caught up in the garden. Sarah was good about the cats and the chickens. "Now I see that everything you say about Sarah is true," Mary remarked. "She's a real lady!" Our dog's good behavior was a joy to David and me.

Daylight was still in the sky when we arrived at our destination, beautiful little Grand Marais. End of Day 1 for happy bookseller on holiday with loved ones. I'm going to be selective in how many pictures I post, but it will take a few days nonetheless to give the true getaway flavor.


Dawn said...

What lake is the last photo? It's stunning!

P. J. Grath said...

Dawn, that is the sweet little harbor at Grand Marais. To the left is Coast Guard Point, with Lonesome Point to the right, and that open water between the two points is Lake Superior. Oh, and when you get your copy of SOUTH OF SUPERIOR and are picturing in your mind the town where the story takes place, remember this harbor.

For another "corner view" of Lake Superior, see

Anonymous said...

That sky is pretty amazing too with all those tender blues. Not what I would imagine a waterscape to look like so far north.

P. J. Grath said...

Amy-Lynn, we had the most beautiful skies, lovely and sometimes dramatic clouds. Lake Superior has many moods.