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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Another Book Signing, Another Music in the Park, Another Perfect Northport Day

One of the first things I did on Friday morning was to gather wildflowers from my meadow for the book signing later in the day. Gathering flowers took place after Sarah’s playtime with Zeva, of course, and after watering the garden and loading everything into the car for the day to go to Northport, where the first order of the day was arranging for Sarah’s long-overdue pedicure (Thank you, Jamie!), after which it was time for Friday town errands: farmers’ market, post office, bank, grocery store, a stop at the Filling Station for bags of ice. Then just a few minutes left to organize things inside the bookstore before it was time to open the door and put out the OPEN flag, and soon the store was bustling.

Dusty was visiting and took over Sarah’s usual entertainment role. (Sarah was pooped after her romp with Zeva.)

There was the book signing table to be arranged. I arranged and rearranged it many times in the course of the day.

At last five o’clock arrived. Bonnie Jo Campbell arrived. Book-lovers arrived and kept arriving. Lines formed to buy books and have them signed. The author took time to talk to everyone personally, while those waiting enjoyed conversation with friends or strangers in line. It was Campbell's first visit to Northport, and Northport did me proud.

Here’s Bonnie Jo with famous fly rod builder Bob Summers of Traverse City.

Here she is with poet Marie Bahlke.

And here are author and bookseller at Dog Ears. It was our first face-to-face meeting. Our husbands were there, too, in the crowd.

Sarah was there and behaved well, other than begging for Triscuits, but she didn't get in any of the pictures this time.

At last the long-awaited event, my last summer 2011 signing, came to a close. David and I bid farewell to Bonnie and Chris, made the first small dent in the tidying-up (leaving the rest for morning) and went next door for a bite at the Garage Bar & Grill. It felt good to sit back and relax. I was perfectly satisfied and happy. Then--it being Friday, after all--we decided to go catch a little Music in the Park. The NYSS (Northport Youth Sailing School) was having a picnic by the water’s edge, making a spot of color and activity in the bright evening sunshine.

A large crowd had assembled for the always-delightful Chico Luna, this time playing with his “Other Band” and featuring fiddler Ruby John. Oh, rhe light, the colors, the laughter and smiles, the children playing and the lovely, lovely music!

Chico and Ruby, Ruby and Chico—what better way to end a beautiful day? My eyes and ears were happy, and my cup of contentment overflowed. I was as happy as this young girl in the big old willow tree... happy as this soft moon risen over our old barn at home. Ain't no place I'd rather be.


Dawn said...

I saw the moon Friday night too. So lovely. What a perfect day you had! Hope the weekend was just as beautiful!

P. J. Grath said...

The moon was out soft over the barn again on Saturday night, Dawn. Friends from Ann Arbor came to visit, and we sat on the front porch, porch chatting about life, as darkness grew around the old farmhouse after another long summer day.

Some things get done, some don't. For instance, garden got watered but not weeded; beans got picked but not peppers. Ah, well, another day is already here as I make this comment, and it's time to get outdoors again with Sarah!

Susan said...

I'm SO GLAD you had such a terrific turnout. This is a lovely post. We had a glorious evening, too, but on the other side of the Mitten.

P. J. Grath said...

Thanks, Susan! Glad you had a beautiful Michigan evening on the other side, too!

Gerry said...

Keep writing about Northport like that and pretty soon there won't be anyplace anyone else would rather be either.

P. J. Grath said...

It was a lovely, lovely day. Next time I'm not having such a good one, I'll come back and read this post myself, just to remind me.