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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Holiday Weekend "Made in Michigan"

Every time I look at a weather forecast for the holiday weekend, the result is different, so I’m throwing up my hands and taking a wait-and-see attitude. What we get is what we’ll get. Thursday has been lovely.

Lake Superior Month (June) at Dog Ears Books was a lot of fun, and I still have books, puzzles and CDs in stock from the U.P. Now for July, thanks to artist Kristin Hurlin from Glen Arbor, I have some new made-in-Michigan items from much nearer home. Hurlin’s single notecards are being offered individually for $3.50 or in a pack of eight for $20, with all 8-packs featuring four different designs except the one that has two tree-designed cards (Balsam fir and white pine), the trees being a new project she has just started. (One of Hurlin’s original paintings, from which the cards are printed, sometimes takes as long as long as a month to finish.) There is also a beautiful coloring and activity book, illustrated by Hurlin, that features Michigan fruits, showing flowers and cross-section drawings and plants as they grow on typical fruit farms. It makes me happy to have such beautiful items to display in my bookstore, and the card rack definitly needed filling out. Now with Kristin’s and Ellie Golden’s artistic work added to my modest photograph notecards, there’s lots of color and variety.

There was a young newbie in Northport today, a Sheltie pup named Laddie, adopted from "down Cedar way" and moved up to our neck of the woods for the summer. I'd call him Sarah's new friend, and it's true that they are interested in each other and have no ill will, but neither have they quite made up their minds about the relationship, either. Scroll back up, though, and see again how cute Laddie is posing near the doorstop dog! I don't think Sarah will be able to resist this adorable Michigan pup for long, do you?


Dawn said...

Beautiful art! And beautiful Laddie! How old is he?

P. J. Grath said...

Okay, on May 31 he was 9-1/2 weeks old:
That would make him almost 14 weeks old now, right? He’s much braver already. I think he feels better now that he has a name.

dmarks said...

Will the new dog make a good bookherd? I know shelties attempt to herd everything!

P. J. Grath said...

Laddie is not our new dog. His dog mom and dad have a lot of books, but their last Sheltie was one of the most perfectly well-behaved dogs I have ever met, and Laddie is already learning the ropes.