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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Looking Backwards Through Blizzard Days

My guess is that everyone is pretty fixated on the weather this weekend, so that’s what I’ll feature. Today’s headline photo is of Dog Ears Books. I’m inside! Sarah’s inside! I go out to clear the sidewalk, and within minutes it’s covered again with snow.

We drove through a lot of snow to get here.

Even the driveway was a challenge, though it had been plowed 30 hours or so before.

Here are some ducky scenes from yesterday in Northport. The ducks act like they've seen it all before.

The big snow started on Thursday afternoon about 3 p.m. Here are a couple of snapshots along the path from Northport to home on Thursday.

Finally, in my backward look over the last four days, I offer two Friesian horses in their paddock on Wednesday, one kicking up excited heels, the other regarding the weather with a stoic expression. Is there anything more beautiful than a black horse running in fresh, white snow? Well, there's Sarah. I bet she would love to run around with the lively horse.


Dawn said...

Looks cold. Of course it looks cold here too. The horses are beautiful! Stay warm!

P. J. Grath said...

Thirteen degrees at 2 p.m. Supposed to go down to 2 degrees overnight.

Gerry said...

So I'm thinking that part of the attraction of driving through the snow to get to the shop in order to shovel the walk, several times, would be highspeed internet. Good guess?

I hope you had quantities of appreciative shoppers. This is the sort of post that makes me think long and hard about moving into "town" -- as in Elk Rapids or Central Lake! -- in order to have places of warmth and cheer within walking distance.

Safe drive home.

Gerry said...

Eyah, that's what it looks like all right. A person can lose a white spaniel entirely.

We are going to bake cookies. We have not baked cookies in, well, in living memory for Miss Sadie and the Cowboy. Their ears are pinned back in wonder and amazement!

P. J. Grath said...

We are going to bake cookies tonight, too!!! Dough is already mixed. First time since before Christmas.

Do not lose that little Cowboy, Gerry!

P. J. Grath said...

Oops--missed your earlier comment, Gerry. No, I wouldn't drive to town for Internet. I go because it's Saturday and I've announced store hours for winter Saturdays and because my friend Susan always comes for coffee on Saturdays. David worked in his studio area, and there was a lively discussion on the bookstore side, and I even sold a book before the door was locked. Not a big business day, but I pretty much anticipated that on the drive in. Everyone is thinking the way we're thinking--soup, pot roast, cookies, tea, etc. Oh, plus our township library will be closed for all of February, so people can take out as many books as they want and don't have to return them until March 1.