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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Some Mother’s Favorites

My most often-viewed blogpost, “I Am Not a Luddite,” got a boost when Shelf Awareness picked it up for “Quotation of the Day” and included a link, and it’s still getting the most hits of any of my posts. But like the mother of a huge (and still growing) brood, I have my own special favorites, and one I’ve always loved since posting it is mostly photographs of Up North wild fruits of autumn. I remembered it but had a hard time finding it again to link here, thanks to the obscure title I’d given it. I kept looking for “fruit,” which did turn up another post I liked, but the one I was looking for had “reflections” in the title. Over a year later, this series of wild fruits in the rain is still one of my favorites.

On the matter of a mother’s favorites, trust Bonnie Marris to spot the furoshiki cloths and instantly think of holiday kerchiefs for Dusty and Shane!


Anonymous said...

Visiting dogs! Always a good thing. I remember the autumn reflections post. It was--and is--particularly lush.

P. J. Grath said...

Sarah loves having other dogs visit. I took one picture of all three of them, but Sarah was wearing her frayed, bedraggled bandana and looked pathetic next to the dressed-up visitors. Now she has a new holiday scarf herself, and that needs to get on the blog.