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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Came Home To:

Small bits of color in the yard--

Buds on my little plum tree--

Michigan fossils (chain coral) on Lake Michigan sand--

Friends and dog friends--

I wonder if Sadie notices her own unexpectedly rocky shadow....

Lots of changes afoot in the bookstore, cleaning and rearranging and finding room for books brought back from winter travels, but I'll wait to take pictures of the new look rather than the current mess.


Anonymous said...

Pamela, love the "small bits of color in the yard" and also Sadie's rocky shadow. Take your time settling in. I know it sometimes takes awhile to adjust to being back home.

Anonymous said...

That Sadie is one big pup--or could it be . . . a cougar?

Well, the Cowboy thought it was funny anyway. He has the giggles. Miss Sadie--my Sadie--is rolling her eyes.

Welcome home, welcome home. What a pretty day we're having, eh?

P. J. Grath said...

Nice to have your cheery notes after the last couple of crisis hours. Don't ask! This too shall pass.

Sadie is a Great Dane.

Yes, it's a pretty day!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, especially that first picture!!