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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Saturday Morning at Peterson Park

How windy was it Friday night out on the bluffs? Here is evidence that wind was here.

In the early morning, high Lake Michigan bluffs keep the beach cool and shady. Overnight wind and waves pulled the sun’s stored heat from the rocks.

People were here recently, though, perhaps at Friday’s sunset. These stone cairns tell of human presence.

Were dogs here on Friday, too? Sarah found a toy that someone left behind, and we’re pretty sure that coyotes don’t play with Frisbees. Sarah understands “Go get it!” but “Bring it!” continues to elude her, unless she’s in the mood—and there are too many other things to explore on the beach to focus on a game of fetch.

As in the field or woods, I walk and Sarah runs. At the beach she runs into the water while I tarry on the rocky shore, but for both of us this hour-long mini-vacation refreshes and fits us for another day in town with people and books.

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