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Friday, June 11, 2010

Getting Ready for the Mystery Lady

Elizabeth is coming today! So much to do! My first stop of the morning was to raid my friend’s garden, at her invitation, for flowers to bring to the bookstore. There was lots more to do upon arrival at the bookstore. Here was the Buzzelli book table before the flowers went on it.

In addition to books (and punch makings), I have some very, very cool new notecards (blank inside) by artist Alexandra Lifson. I just love the dog card she calls “Shake!”

And did I mention already that Sarah had her feet trimmed the other day at the Northport Bay Dog and Cat Company? I think all the important bases have been covered, don’t you?


陳卓人 said...
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torchlakeviews said...

It looks like you had everything glowing for the Mystery Lady. Authors must love you to pieces. I am sorry there was no pie, and no Gerry. Between this side of the Bay and your side there was ferocious rain. I chickened out.

I like your blog's new design. (Does Blogger call them "themes" too?) It looks serene, and showcases photos well, too.

P. J. Grath said...

I did remember to miss you, Gerry, and figured the weather was the reason. We had a good turnout for Elizabeth's signing, and she and I enjoyed a leisurely dinner together at Stubb's afterwards. It was really good to catch up with her.

I didn't take more than a minute to put this new "design" into play and sort of miss the warm color of the old background (almost the same color as my bookstore walls). I'm wondering if I can use one of my own photos for the "window border" or whatever it's called. (You see, I forgot already.) For now I will settle for "serene." Life is too busy to worry about these details at the moment. Glad you like it. Sorry we didn't connect, but we will sometime over the summer.