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Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Night Out in Traverse City

It’s all about Northport today, so first, before a look backward to yesterday evening, here are a few reminders about TODAY: Saturday, June 19 – Northport Lighthouse and Marina Festival, including famous Northport Fish Boil, at Haserot and Marina Parks, down by the water. Also at 7:30 p.m. Leelanau Children’s Choir and Youth Ensemble spring concert, “Simply Sondheim,” at the NCAC. Tickets available at Dog Ears Books and at the NCAC. $15 adult/$5 under 18 years of age.

So, about last night. Last night was a big night for us in Traverse City, with the season opening reception at the Artisan Design Network gallery, and on our way from parking lot by the Boardman River to gallery on Front Street we met this beautiful working horse, Buddy. He and his driver take people on carriage rides, and I’d love to do that some summer evening—get all dressed up and take in the sights to the gentle clip-clop of Buddy’s hooves on pavement. Shades of Mackinac Island! Or Manhattan....

No time for a carriage ride last night, though. On to the gallery, where friends were spilling out onto the sidewalk.

In we plunged. We admired the art (especially David’s paintings, because naturally we are biased), visited with old friends and met new people. David schmoozed and I photographed. Crowds, heat, noise and wine don’t make for the most serene atmosphere in which to view art, but an opening is an opening, and this was a good one, beautiful and well attended.

We were just very tired afterward. I, in fact, sneaked out a couple times, once to the alley behind the building and later to the sidewalk in front, to catch a breeze and snap a few urban shots, a change from my usual country and small town fare.

This morning Sarah and I managed a mini-vacation on the rocky beach of Peterson Park, but those pictures will have to wait a day or two.


Dawn said...

Looks like a grand night in the city last night, hope everything is successful today in Northport. And that you enjoyed your mini vacation with the pup. Looking forward to seeing those photos as well!

林奕廷 said...
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P. J. Grath said...

Pup pix soon, Dawn! Saturday's weather was perfect for the festivities in Northport, and I had pretty much a nonstop day in the bookstore. Choir concert in the evening lovely. A beautiful Sunday morning is breaking now.

You may notice my gallery pictures were not of shoulder-to-shoulder crowds. There were such crowds, and I was squeezed in their midst, and then I was sitting down for a while, determined not to pass out. Success was mine, I'm happy to report.