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Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Few Quick Reads (Too Tired to Blog)

It’s Sunday, a day of rest. For me it meant opening Dog Ears Books at 11 o’clock instead of 10 o’clock, but because we had an evening of riotous living on our front porch last night, with guests expected and unexpected, I am allowing myself a work morning in quiet recovery mode. No long reports today. No in-depth book reviews. This whole post will be a quick read, containing half a dozen or so images that are themselves quick reads. The old Northport sign above, the one on the Leland side of the M-22 loop, begins today’s tour. Next come the beautiful new blue signs—

One thing I can’t help reading in the bookstore: t-shirts worn by visitors. This one from the U.P. caught my fancy on Saturday.

After the post the other day with the elaborate bookplate, I dug out a couple other favorites to show here. One is simple and subtle but imaginative in its way; the second, wildly colorful, obviously denoted a child’s book.

There you have my world today. I finished The Dogs of Bedlam Farm yesterday and will be writing about that book one day soon. Not today, though. Today I plan to sit quietly and happily reading until customers provide a happy interruption.


Dawn said...

Hope you're having a wonderful day! With a few customers thrown in for good measure. :)

P. J. Grath said...

A few sales, some pleasant conversations, time to read about horse behavior and work on a book order. Then, at five o'clock, a walk down by the creek, where Canada anemones and other lovely wildflowers are in bloom. Now home, dinner over and dishes done, I turn to Vikram Seth. I am over 800 pages into A SUITABLE BOY and have hopes of getting through the book before the end of the month. Not that I'm eager to have it end!

upwoods said...

Barry likes to drink a beer from the Keweenaw Brewing Company sometimes. Glad to hear you ha a good evening with guests. And a nice quiet reading day.

P. J. Grath said...

Yes, can you believe I'm up to page 986 of the Vikram Seth novel? The end approaches with dismaying speed! I think that, then remind myself that the remaining number of pages are enough to constitute a novel in themself.

torchlakeviews said...

Cannot remember the last time I read through 1000 pages. I am really looking forward to your review of A Suitable Boy.

P. J. Grath said...

IF I review it, Gerry--IF--the length of the review will have nothing to do with the length of the book!