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Monday, June 7, 2010

A Beautiful, Fresh, Clear Northport Morning

The weekend rain cleared off early enough on Sunday afternoon to make for a beautiful evening, and it was Standing Room Only for Rabbi Brad Hirschfield's address at Trinity Congregational Church. I predict that the books people bought after his talk will find their way through many hands as they are shared with family and friends. "Finding Faith Without Fanaticism" is a timely message for our world.

Monday is my work-at-home day, but a few errands called me to town "for just a bit," and somehow the half-hour I'd expected to be there turned into three hours, all pleasantly spent, with plenty to keep Bruce and me both busy with customers and friends (not mutually exclusive categories). People came to pick up book orders, thank us for urging attendance at the Peace Lecture, and to stock up on new summer reading, even if they still had unread books at home. "Oh, she's one of my favorite authors! I loved her first two books!" one summer resident exclaimed happily at the sight of Elizabeth Kane Buzzelli's new mystery novel. "You'll have to come by on Friday and meet her," I urged, jotting the date and time down on her sales receipt. (Yes, she bought the book.) Sarah walked to the bank with me twice, waited outside the post office, and then stayed behind at the bookshop with David and Bruce while I shopped for groceries.

At last Sarah and I left town for home, leaving Bruce busily beefing up the Civil War shelves with exciting new additions.


upwoods said...

Sounds like a wonderfully pleasant Monday, Pamela. You have made me hungry to visit a bookstore.

torchlakeviews said...

The Civil War shelves?!? Ohboyohboy I have to get there early on Friday.

P. J. Grath said...

It was a lovely morning, filled for me with great awareness of my good fortune. (Afternoon didn't go as planned, but evening is fine again.) A lot of people must have been hungry to visit a bookstore today, because we had many visitors through the door. This may mean that people have their gardens planted--and that a couple days of rain spared them watering chores for another morning.

Dawn said...

Sounds like a lovely morning in the north! Enjoy!

P. J. Grath said...

Another beautiful day today, Tuesday. Rain in Minnesota will probably come our way, however. Oh, well--good for the gardens!